A slowfood survivalist is a person who is eager to learn and practice useful skills for emergency situations in the nature, but doesn’t want to suffer unnecessarily while practicing.

A slowfood survivalist may use considerable amount of time studying edible plants, bugs, and ancient substitutes for food, and ways to prepare them, but before something nasty really hits the fan, he/she has very little desire to actually consume that stuff.

Similarly, a slowfood survivalist may acquire skill to make and use hunting and fishing devices, which under normal circumstances are considered cruel and unethical, but he/she is not going to set up diabolic traps to hurt Bambi or Thumper, unless absolutely necessary.

As an educated person might be able to guess, food plays an important role in slowfood survivalist’s outdoor activities. A slowfood survivalist tries to keep his/her backpack light, but still enjoy tasty (and relatively healthy) meals on remote camp sites.

All of the information given on this site or on related youtube videos are to be taken as description of what I have done only. Dealing with tools, electricity, food, cooking, eating or anything related to nature is potentially hazardous, and you absolutely positively should not try to repeat anything I have ever done. If you do, you are doing it at your own risk.