How to keep your teenager cool, really cool

Ice swimming is something that, if you are living in Scandinavia, you are supposed to enjoy. Well, I live in Scandinavia, and I have dipped into a hole in the ice for several times, and, to be honest, enjoyed the afterwards feeling a lot, but I’m still trying to figure out whether the good afterwards feeling is good enough to counter effect the shock I feel every time I descent into the ice cold water.

But my feelings aside, my teenage son seems to genuinely enjoy plunging into the icy water, and as often as I can, I try to make that possible.

Thus far, I have only tried to publish videos with some educational information, but this one is different. This is pure entertainment, showing how some of the teenage kids, in this case my son, spend their free time in Lapland.

The story behind this video begins with a weekend trip to our hunting cabin with my 13 year old son and my 7 year old daughter. After arriving to the cabin, starting the fire, and cutting a hole to the river ice for drinking (and sauna) water, the kids began to get bored, and my son, a competitive swimmer, got an idea to go swimming into the partially frozen river. Due to the fact that the river was flowing pretty fast, and once you are in the partially frozen fast flowing river, it is practically impossible to get out of there, I refused to let him go. Naturally, as a teenager, he kept on whining about how over protective idiot I am, and so on. So, eventually, I compromised, and let him carve his own kiddie pool closer to the bank of the river, hoping that he would use most of his steam during the process.

Well, what do I know, after axing the hole to the ice, my son went in for several times, and claimed that he really enjoyed it. In addition to that, my 7 year old daughter also dipped into the hole (carefully guarded), and afterwards, both of them were pretty happy about themselves.

Enough self confidence built, and enough energy used, the rest of the weekend was a blast.

Despite this success story in raising the kids (for a weekend), if you are planning to do the same, please, pick the safe location very, very carefully, be sure that your kids are good enough swimmers, and in good enough health to do the ice dip, and that they are doing it voluntarily (this is not any “tough love” red neck thingy, this should be fun).

I end this story with a little whine about the current state of minds and rules in the world:

I had some wonderful video material about my 7 year old daughter jumping into the icy water (the most innocent and beautiful video about genuine joy in the face of a wonderful child), but I could not publish it for two reasons; a) it was possible to recognize her from the video (possible harassment from school mates (or any random pervert)), b) she was naked (possible harassment from school mates (or any random pervert), and worst of all, by showing a video of a seven year old naked child, there would have been a real chance of getting sued for distributing child pornography. People using child pornography are truly sick, and they should be locked up for ever, but I’m not sure whether the people who think that an innocent picture of a naked child playing is pornography, are much better.

If God would accept nudity, we all would have born naked!