About the recipes

For the last three decades or so, I have done all of my outdoor cooking on open fire, and I’m planning to continue the tradition as often as I can. However, it is not always possible set up a good camp fire, and carrying a pile of pots and pans is not very practical either. Therefore, I decided to design most of my recipes for the mini Trangia. This way the meals often are not very aesthetic, but to me, it is the taste that matters, and if one happens to have bigger and better cooking system, it is fairly easy to adjust the recipes to fit to the better equipment and conditions. For example, the traditional reindeer stew could then be prepared as it should be, the stew in one pot and the mashed potatoes in the other. But aesthetics aside, the taste of the single pot reindeer stew is very close to the original version, and if you can prepare it with the mini Trangia, you most certainly can prepare, and possibly improve it, with any of the more advanced cooking systems.

I have given myself liberty to use a small amount of butter, vegetable oil, processed cheese, sour cream, or something like that in my recipes (after all, fat has very good weight/energy ratio). The choice of the fat source for each trip depends on the weather conditions and the length of the trip. For any hike, I usually carry with me a small amount of vegetable oil, but if the weather permits, at the camp site, 400 grams of processed cheese or such is worth all of the extra weight carried. Most of my recipes can be completed, if necessary, with about one 10th of the amount of fat mentioned in the recipes, and most of them can even be prepared without any fat.

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